ICI America FCU Membership Eligibility


To become a member of the ICI America Federal Credit Union you must be an employee of one of the following companies OR a family member of an employee of one of these companies:




To join the Credit Union, you must obtain the membership forms from the office; then:

  1. Please fill out and sign the membership account card, in ink. Retain one copy of Membership Acct Agreement and Rate and Fee Schedule for your records. You must write your social security number or Tax ID Number correctly to comply with new W-9 withholding tax law. You MUST fill in a beneficiary on the back of the account card.

  2. Return Account Card to Credit Union Office along with your check for either $50 or a partial payment to start your account. lf a partial payment is made you have 90 days to get your account up to $50 (share limit). PLEASE NOTE: If you sign-up for payroll deduction or direct deposit, you do not have to send in the $50.00. You may increase or decrease or stop at anytime.

  3. Must maintain $50 balance in share account; this is your money. If you close your account this money will be refunded to you.

  1. Please Note, you must have a clear photo copy of a  picture ID or your Drivers License.

  2. If you are signing a minor up, a clear photo copy of the minors Social Security Card and a clear photo copy of your Drivers License or a photo ID.

Make all checks payable to ICI America FCU for deposits, loans, etc. and send to ICI Credit Union Office.  If you have any questions, call the credit union.



In accordance with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT ACT, all new account holders are subject to identity verification requirements.


If you request to open an account, we will request documentary verification of your identity, such as a driver's license or passport and/or we will verify your identity through other non-documentary methods. Similar identification requirements apply to business entities such as corporations and partnerships.


In all cases, protection of our member's identity and confidentiality is our pledge to you.