A Signature Loan is made to qualified members without any collateral being required. Qualifications for these loans are as follows:


You must fill out a loan and a information form. Also when returning the filled out form signed, there also must be copies of proof of income.


To qualify, the members must have a minimum debt ratio as determined by the board.


Under this program, the amount of the loan varies depending on the members debt ratio, and the maximum amount of the loan, and interest rate, depend on the members Trans Union E-Score.


Risk Based Lending Matrix
Trans Union FICO 08 Score RATE % APY MAXIMUM
A 780-UP 6.00% 0.0164% $10,000.00
B 700-779 6.75% 0.0185% $10,000.00
C 650-699 8.75% 0.0240% $10,000.00
D 600-649 13.00% 0.0356% $5,000.00
E -599 17.00% 0.0466% $3,500.00
All loan durations at the discretion of the loan officer


For further information, call the Credit Union at 302-328-7612