A Vehicle Loan is made to qualified members using a car, truck, or other vehicle as collateral. Qualifications for these loans are as follows: You must fill out a loan and a information form. Also when returning the completed and signed form, there also must be copies of proof of income. To qualify, the members must have a minimum debt ratio determined by the board. Under this program, the amount of the loan varies depending on the members debt ratio, and the maximum amount of the loan, and interest rate, depend on the members Trans Union E-Score.

Up to 72 Months*


Maximum Vehicle Loan $35,000.00**
*All loan durations at the discretion of the loan officer
Used Vehicle Loans are limited to the NADA book value (Clean Retail Value) and
will only be given for vehicles 5 years old or less (except for Antique or Classic Cars).
E-Score Tiers New Vehicle Rates / Used Vehicle Rates
A 780-UP 3.25%                                 5.25%
B 700-779 3.50%                                 5.50% 
C 650-699 5.50%                                 7.50%
D 600-649 9.75%                               11.75%
E -599 13.75%                             15.75%


For further information, call the office at 302-328-7612

**Please note that the maximum amount of the loan may be limited by the member's debt ratio.