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Share AccountS  

Share Accounts allow withdrawals at anytime so long as the minimum balance of $50.00.  Each member must have a Share Account to qualify for other services.



A Term Share Account is a 12-month deposit CD account. Withdrawals prior to the 12-month period will incur significant penalties.


Christmas Club Account

A Christmas Club Account is a deposit account which is disbursed during October each year for holiday planning.


Share & Term Share Rates
As of October, 2015
Share Dividends   Term Share Accts. 12 Month only
$50.00 - Above 0.15% $1,000.00 to $9,999.99 .40 % 12 months
Christmas Club 0.15% $10,000.00 - Above .50% 12 months
    Maximum $50,000.00 per term share account
Call the Credit Union for more details.